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The government of India has already pushed for IoT investment into the country with supporting legislation and with the opportunity to transform one of the largest economies in the world, including the huge economies of scale that come with it, the onus is on big businesses to utilise public-private-partnerships with a lot of governments to help the spread of IoT technology to India's villages. However, the opportunity should not be restricted just to big businesses. Locally owned small businesses can also contribute greatly to the IoT revolution through connections. Innovation Hubs, such as the ones proposed by the Andhra Pradesh government, paired with small businesses can help make IoT demand-driven in the villages by identifying problems in their communities better and create relationships between various players like agencies and investors.

Some solutions are still in development such as to the regulation of IoT, interoperability or its security, but, it is a matter of when and not how.

IoT can be deployed for various areas for cheap due to the cost of decreasing sensors and increased market penetration of mobile internet year-on-year forcing better cellular connectivity. This enables ease in introducing the technology. Our country's rural areas face a multitude of problems and as we have shown, IoT can be practically applied to our villages to either enable better solutions or provide better solutions. Investment in the development sector for IoT will help India's rural areas to catch up to its urban counterpart and set a precedent for the whole world to see.

It is time that the various state governments get proactively involved in understanding the immense potential of harnessing the power of IoT in various sectors within rural India which can go a long way in improving lives and livelihoods. The state governments should commission research based state specific studies that can result in well defined approach papers within each sector, which can lead to commissioning projects that lead to early adoption of IoT. If required, based on the findings of these studies - the state governments can also define/amend their policies to bring immediate benefits to its citizens.

Discussions with experts from the industry as well as those actively involved in the development sector also point towards the promotion of local innovation, enabling of public private partnerships, and supporting open source as being the guiding lights towards ensuring that IoT can deliver to its full potential and has a ready acceptance.



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